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Why Be 8nfinite

As two seekers of truth and meaning, we came together at a time in our lives when focusing on our hearts’ longing seemed our responsibility and the right move both in our individual lives and for the world we were observing around us. We felt a need to share a message of hope and empowerment to our fellow human beings and create a space and environment conducive to allowing others to reach for all they were capable of becoming.

No doubt we are living in challenging times. It can often be tempting to fall prey to the negativity, unfairness and injustice that can be so prevalent in the world around us. But there is another way. By realizing that every challenge we face has the inherent potential to heal and transform; we can learn to approach all obstacles from a different paradigm. This shift in perspective is the realization that all challenges are designed to make us grow and activate our infinite potential.

Now more than ever, we need to heal our individual and collective wounds of loneliness, rejection and separation with the balm of connection, acceptance and unity.

Be 8nfinite was created to contribute to the world we envision.

We have a dream...

A world where humanity lives in the now, in unity, love and joy. Where everyone is residing in a state of balance and harmony.
A world where purity and nobility of the heart enlightens and guides all aspects of life, including work, business, and politics.
A world where everyone is able to follow their true aspirations and be in alignment with their infinite potential.

We invite YOU to embark on this journey with us. Bring your willingness to try new things and be prepared to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and what you think you know. On this path, unity of your heart and mind is key. Join us as we dare to dream.

Our Vision

A world where everyone lives in balance and harmony, in alignment with their true potential

Our Mission

 We inspire people to get in touch with the wisdom of their heart and empower them to actualize their true potential.

We Value

Be infinite_Courage to Surrender

Courage to Surrender

Courage to surrender to our higher consciousness is the cornerstone of Be 8nfinite. This deep inner conviction and connection leads us on our path. Read more ...

Be infinite_Simplicity


We deeply know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that less is more. Through embodying simplicity in actions and thoughts, we return to the potency of the very creative source. Read more ...

Be infinite_Joy


At Be 8nfinite, we believe joy is a higher vibration that prepares the ground for higher creations. We rejoice in helping people to find their joy, so that together we co-create a world filled with joy. Read more ...

Be infinite_Integrity


We value integrity as it holds honesty, authenticity and simplicity and more importantly, it awakens the dormant leader in each of us. At Be 8nfinite, we lead and support you in achieving integrity. Read more ...

Be infinite_Creativity


We are creative and so are you. Let us support and guide you step by step, to connect with your creative nature and show you how to create the life you love! Read more ...

Be infinite_Unity


We have a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of unity among all beings, even beyond humanity. Unity allows us to celebrate the unique beauty each and everyone contributes to the whole and makes us truly whole. Read more ...

We Offer

A platform for transformative learning and to realign our clients with their inner balance andhighest potential. Be 8nfinite is a co-creative network of transformational teachers, healers, executives and investors. We serve through:

Our programs and learning journeys with the possibility of gifting the transformation to your loved ones.

Bringing a spirit of Gift into investing in organizations that are focused on inner transformation and building a more conscious society in our rapidly changing world.

Connecting you to the right holistic lifestyle practitioners when it comes to overcoming your unconscious barriers and past traumas.

Introducing your work through our platform in the form of interviews, book reviews and more. 

Supporting and accompanying you in realizing your projects and ideas if aligned with our vision and values. This includes also connecting your projects and ideas with the right investors and vice versa.

Our membership benefits.

Meet Our Team

Be infinite_Team member

Negin M. Khorasani

I am a social entrepreneur, a consciousness activist and educator. I have been a lifelong seeker of truth and meaning and have learned from many traditions and schools of thought. My natural sensitivity and empathy enhanced by years of my practice as a Heartfulness trainer allow me to easily and immediately connect with my clients’ emotional conditions. I show them how self-compassion and acceptance of what is can create a space for change. Through a process of challenging and removing the self or societal made limitations in their minds, most of the difficulties my clients struggle with, disappear. So instead of solving their problems I mainly dissolve them. I inspire people to get in touch with their inner being, meaning, power and to identify their unique ways of expression and their most impactful roles in society. I show them how they can be the architects of their awareness and design their destinies.

  • Co-founder and coach at Be 8nfinite 
  • Certified Heartfulness Trainer
  • Heartful Communication Coach
  • Career Coach and Mentor with TRIEC
  • Facilitator and Coach at IHTP scholarship
  • Member of the Board of Directors at ROTOM Canada, Brock Township Public Libraries and Brock Community Health Centre
  • Moderator for Muse, an Evening of Poetry and Music, Jane's Walk City Organizer for Brock Township, and Guest Moderator for Awakin Calls at Service Space and Howl Radio Show
  • Published in magazines such as Tehran Avenue, Constant Remembrance, and Heartfulness
  • PhD Student in Psychology: Consciousness Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Architecture
Be infinite_Team member

Shabnam Abghari

I am a transformational coach, public speaker, conscious-preneur, energy healer and a lifetime seeker. Currently I live in Toronto, Canada and I enjoy new learning experiences. I inspire people to take steps beyond their comfort zone to realize their true potential. My passion is to empower individuals to align with their life purpose through recognizing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual gifts. I help my clients to embrace change and surf the waves of uncertainty and doubt safely. I always wondered how I can positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis and my life journey has brought me to a point that I have some of the answers which is the basis of my work. I have lived in 4 continents, 5 countries, and 6 cities and this precious life experience has geared me with an eloquent cultural and emotional intelligence gained through firsthand experience. I truly believe we are powerful creators and we can co-create our ultimate reality together, as we are one. So let’s begin this magical journey.

  • Co-founder and Transformational coach at Be 8nfinite 
  • Transformational coach and career mentor at TRIEC
  • Career mentor at Women & Career
  • Host and facilitator for training sessions, workshops and events
  • Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Reiki practitioner
  • Certified in Hypno Linguistics
  • PhD Student in Consciousness Studies; Panpsychism
  • MSc. in Big Data & Predictive Analytics
  • MBA; International Marketing
  • BSc. in Statistics
  • Senior Business Analyst at TELUS Communications

What They Say About Us

Betelhem Belachew
CAD designer, Canada

"After I moved from Ethiopia to Canada in 2018, despite my previous work experience, I was struggling to find a job compatible with my education and experience. I applied for the TRIEC mentoring program and was matched with Negin. After reviewing her educational background, work experience, and achievements, I knew she was the kind of mentor I wanted to work with. Since day one, I enjoyed all the program sessions as they were very engaging and empowering which helped me to focus on my goals and show steady progress. Negin was an amazing coach, very friendly and a good listener. She showed me there were many opportunities for a related career and I do not need to settle for something that does not meet my goals. Basically, I got a new perspective towards both my personal and professional life with wisdom, knowledge and experience Negin shared with me. I cannot express enough how much Negin helped me to see life from a different perspective."

Be 8nfinite_Diane Brockman

Diane Brockman
Facilitator, Canada

"Negin Khorasani is an individual who has had unique experiences from her training as a meditation coach in India (over several years), to leading meditation groups in the GTA and Ontario to participating in wellness and holistic health retreats and seminars. She is committed to helping others to be the best they can be and to discover their true nature. In her meditation sessions which I participate in, she leads the sessions exceptionally well. Negin’s sense of purpose is to assist others to be the best they can be and to discover their purpose. She seems to have a gift for supporting and guiding people. Negin approaches life with a positive mindset and communicates with others in a helpful, encouraging manner. Her words are often full of wisdom without being clichéd. In her work as a transformational coach, she collaborates with allied health professionals. She is a good listener and always seems to know the right thing to say without coming across as directive or judgmental."

Viviane Shibukawa
Software Developer, Canada

"When I met Shabnam, I was a newcomer in Canada. I was trying to navigate and see how I could fit in. I was in search of some guidance to build my career path. Shabnam was once a newcomer and a woman in tech sector. She was volunteering her time so that people with similar experiences, could have a smoother and a more joyful process to find their path.  She inspired me every session we had and made me believe that it is possible to succeed as a female newcomer in the Canadian IT world. Through working with Shabnam, I gained confidence, hope and inspiration to keep going. Shabnam is kind and one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I enjoyed every minute of the coaching program, and I could not have asked for more."

Mark Zellweger 
The new master of spy and action novels, Switzerland 

"I was at my go-to bakery, feeling a little disappointed browsing through the few pastries still available. I heard the baker asking me:

- Can you find what you want?
- Uh...No! I said.
- You know Sir, you don't always get what you want!
That sentence hit me in the face, I couldn't repress my smile, I remembered all the work I did with my dear coach, Shabnam.

Thanks to her precious advice, my life took a turn for the best and even though I was already known as one of the best spy novelists when I met Shabnam, today I am the Master in the world of Spy Novels, and the success I am experiencing, is extraordinary!
Once again, thanks to Shabnam for her presence, her patience and her ability to lead me on this new life path".

Let us walk together toward your joy, 
toward your highest potential​. We enjoy this walk!

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