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Program Objectives: 

This is a series of programs that aim to enhance well-being and joy in participants through the means of the creative process.  In these sessions, we use a wide range of expressive art methods such as painting, poetry, music, and movement. We also use art materials, such as paints, pastels, pencils, and markers, or musical instruments and voice to connect deeper with our feelings and needs and to express them in a health-enhancing and empowering way.

We create a warm, supportive and inclusive environment with an understanding of the psychological aspects of the creative process in increasing awareness of self and others to create connection and healing. Here special attention is paid to nonverbal symbols, metaphors and concepts that are usually difficult to express with words and instead could be freely expressed through the creative process. In these sessions guided self-expression allows you to recover from, or cope with, cognitive, emotional, or physical impairments and move toward positive emotions and feelings and to create more fulfilling life experiences.

Art, music, and movement are the main expressions for this variety of health-enhancing sessions.  In music-focused sessions, you will experience the power of creativity in everyday life, music, poetry, craft, and cooking are a few examples. Movement-focused sessions utilize movement and rhythm to create a connection between heart and brain, inner harmony as well as the release of endorphins into your body.   Art-focused sessions can be a mixture of drawing, colouring, painting, sculpting, calligraphy and pretty much everything else you can think of that is artistic. These classes are fun and filled with joy as you immerse yourself in pleasurable creative work to heal and to love yourself.

Who is this program for:

This program can help everyone to live a happier and more fulfilling life! 
Anyone who experiences sadness, stress, illness, trauma, challenges in living and those who seek self-awareness and personal development can benefit from this program. It can help people express themselves, explore their emotions, manage addictions, and improve their self-esteem. Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others, cope with symptoms, stress and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of artistic expression. Art, music, and movement are powerful expressions of any uncomfortable emotions whether being experienced now or stored in our system as suppressed emotions from the past. Expressive art can help relieve a lot of stress, anger, and sadness and move us toward healing and wholeness.

Healing H'Art

    Sing for Joy


“He who sings scares away his woes.” -  Cervantes, Spanish writer,1547-1616

One of the etymological meanings of the word ‘joy’ is an exaltation of spirit, bliss. Singing is one of the tools that can help us to arrive at this state and experience joy.

How does it happen? Spirituality tells us that the “soul is the instrument of joy. It is joy itself, and it can’t exist without bliss and happiness” (Lalaji). So, the life of our soul is joy and bliss.

If we discover it, recognise it, and possess the knowledge of it permanently, we can always try to find a way to connect with our own soul and experience the presence of joy and bliss even amidst despair.

I meditate on the Divine light in my heart; it allows me to experience such a joy and exaltation of spirit. Music is also my good company on the road of experiencing joy because of the special nature of music, as a form of art - especially singing!

The first guide of Heartfulness, Lalaji, writes: “Sound /vibration is the manifestation of consciousness. The whole world rests on it. It is an Absolute Base and Perpetual Foundation of all creation. Wherever there is movement, there is the current of sound/vibration.”

Musical sounds are created by vibration of different materials - metal strings, air (in wind instruments), leather, metal, or wood in drums. When we sing, our vocal folds vibrate and create sound and our whole body, through inner movement and vibration, becomes a musical instrument itself.

Moreover, while singing we pronounce words that create thoughts, and thoughts create feelings. So, with this inner body movement and vibration, combined with feelings, if the songs are chosen well, isn’t it possible to experience joy and to rise to a higher vibrational field through singing?

As a voice teacher, I want to share with you what I know about how to make your musical instrument - your body – and create a healthy sound. I want you to start to love your voice so you can use it freely and with pleasure.

Also, with every song we have a chance to go through another life experience, one that may enrich us, or as I sometimes say, ‘to live another life and become wiser’. By finding your songs, songs that suit your own nature or suit you for this moment’s inner state, it may help you to know yourself better.    

Together we will sing ‘feel good’ songs that may give us joy and fun. We will also share some stories and poems about the beauty of music, as a form of art, and the impact of music on the lives of human beings.I will introduce some songs and singers to you that inspire me at the time when I need it, and hopefully they will inspire you as well.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” as German-Jewish poet of 19cent Berthold Auerbach articulated.

Everyone welcomes to my monthly classes on Friday evenings to wash away the ‘dust of every day’s life’ and get refreshed and inspired with singing for joy!

Duration:  1 to 1:15-hour 
Class Dates: 

Fridays 7 PM EST 

  • 14 Oct 22 
  • 11 Nov 22 
  • 9 Dec 22 

Course fee: CA$15.00 per session (Tax Included)

What to bring: pen and paper
Facilitated by: Nadia Izbitskaya
Session format: 
Small Group


    Euphoria with Eurythmy


Eurythmy makes audible visible!

As human beings, we are the only species on Earth to be able to use words and letters.

To speak means to use a language, words, letters, and ultimately sounds.
Sounds are universal, common to all regardless of the difference in languages: for example, the sound  « E » is the same for all of us.

On the other hand, our lives are naturally following rhythms.
And we can’t avoid moving in space.
So, sounds, rhythms, space, we will do various combinations of these 3 with our body: This can lead us even beyond our individual self-expression, towards a social process, and furthermore through a healing process.

We will experience how sounds are the basis of our «inner system»: We will live them and make them visible. 
Originally, we had the sounds first, thousands of years ago; then came the forms of the letters, when we began to write.

In other words, it is the forms of the sounds that we'll make visible.
We can use poems, which apart from the emotions, feelings, and therefore the energy they carry, at the end of the day, are sums of letters and sounds; or we can use pieces of music.

Duration: 1 to 1:15-hour 
Class Dates: 

Saturdays 1 PM EST 

  • 9 Jul 22 at 
  • 20 Aug 22 
  • 10 Sep 22 

Course fee: CA$15.00 per session (Tax Included)
Facilitated by: Lalao Randy
Session format: 
Small Group


    Smile with Madam Crocodile

When my pain
causes my healing
my lows transform to highs
and heresy became faith
My soul and heart and body
were blocking my journey before
but now my body became heart
heart became soul
and soul turned
to be creator!

Anthropology tells us that we are naturally born singers, not talkers.
Expressing through the words came much later in the process of  evolution as a result of thinking.
Feeling came before thinking. Our classes will be dedicated to creator in us and will go much beyond music. I would call it "improvisation on creativity.”

During the process of creating when thinking gives the way to feelings, we open the door to our inner world and return to our natural ability to express ourself freely.

Creativity can be a tool to take away thoughts from a field of negativity to a field of beautiful feelings, and it can become an instrument of inner transformation to become a loving person and appreciate beauty in everything around us.

We may not necessarily become a perfect singer, craft maker, or special cook but we still love our creations, they are dearest to us! This allows us to nurture our love to ourself and as a result, nurture our love to others as well.

I invite everyone who would like to sing and improve their singing skills to attend these classes. Especially, those who think they don’t have a good voice. I love to teach healthy singing. When we sing, our body and soul are one!

My class is called “Smile with Madam Crocodile”. And I am looking forward to having a good time and smiling together. So, welcome to these classes, where we will improvise on creativity in every-day life. Bring your smile, your voice, your beautifully creative self.

Duration:  1 to 1.5-hour 
Class Dates: 

  • 12 Feb 22 at 1 PM EST 
  • 12 Mar 22 at 1 PM EST
  • 9 Apr 22 at 1 PM EST
  • 14 May 22 at 1 PM EST
  • 11 Jun 22 at 1 PM EST

Course fee: CA$15.00 per session (Tax Included)

What to bring: pen and paper
Facilitated by: Nadia Izbitskaya
Session format: 
Small Group


    Open Your Wings and Fly


In this class, your connection with your feelings and needs will be facilitated, so that you can tune into what you feel deeply, explore what’s going on inside, embrace your feelings fully, and express them through the creative process.

We draw or work with colors and forms, we may choose calligraphy or collage. It’s not the result of the drawing or painting in an artistic way that we aim at, but the creative process as a means for self-exploration and self-expression. It is the journey that matters rather than the destination.

As a result of this process, we must gain a deeper connection with ourselves and more clarity about what we feel, why we feel it, what the undercurrent needs are, what some of the solutions are to what we may perceive as problems in our lives, and how we can journey to a place of more positivity and peace.

These sessions create that safe space away from the harshness of judgments to allow us to explore the uniting, cathartic and liberating power of art and the pleasure of connecting with one another to muse and play together and to get lost in the ecstasy of oneness.

Duration: 1 to 1:15-hour 
Class Dates: 

Saturdays 8:30 AM EST

  • 15 Oct 22 
  • 12 Nov 22 
  • 10 Dec 22 

Course fee: CA$15.00 per session (Tax Included)

What to bring: Any art material you'd enjoy the most to work with 
Facilitated by: Negin M. Khorasani
Session format: 
Small Group

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