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Be infinite_Blank Sheet Syndrome

Blank Sheet Syndrome

Author: Negin M. Khorasani
Editor: Andrew Mech 
November 7, 2020

It goes back to my early childhood. As a visual person, I discovered and started to enjoy drawing.  I used to draw and paint endlessly and for that I had scrap papers available or A5 size thick drawing spread sheet meant for children. I also had pencils and magic makers to make these drawings more colourful and joyful. However, I always longed for having those A4 size drawing books with white paper that my older sister used to paint on. I was mesmerized by the beauty that could be created on those big white sheets. Read More...

Be 8nfinite_Let Joy Light Your Heart

Let the Joy Light Your Heart

Author: Negin M. Khorasani
Editor: Andrew Mech
December 7, 2020

I was finally able to complete it yesterday. It was such a joyful feeling when the colorful lights came on. This year having the Christmas lights hanging on my porch was the result of a two-week effort as simple as this process may seem. I brought the Christmas decoration box from the basement in mid-November and decorated the pot on the porch and hung up the wreath and the bells. Unfortunately, much to my disappointment one portion of the string of lights would not light up. The part that was actually working was too short to be hung between the two posts of my porch. So I left the malfunctioning string of lights inside so that I could contemplate what could be done with them. Read More...  

Be 8nfinite_Each Day an Inspiration

Each Day an Inspiration

Author: Negin M. Khorasani
Editor: Lori McDowell
January 15, 2021

There is power in how we choose to begin our day.
Beginning your day in reaction to ‘what was’, limits you and your life. But starting your day with inspiration or ‘what can be’, is liberating and can help you expand to your highest potential. Read More...

Be 8nfinite_Remembering Our Wholeness

Remembering Our Wholeness

Author: Negin M. Khorasani
February 7, 2021

As I am gazing at the fire and immerse myself in its warmth, I recognize the fullness of life at this moment. I recognize how this moment is perfect in every sense and every way. I am one with life… with the entire existence. I feel my fullness through this sense of unity with all that is there. I am the universe…
Om So Hum!

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